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Our Mission

The mission of Bristol Tennessee City Schools is to ensure students achieve college and career readiness through academic excellence.

Belief Statements

  1. Excellence requires investment.
  2. Education is a community effort.
  3. Students need a multifaceted educational experience.
  4. Health and wellness impact learning.
  5. Education is the equalizer that empowers individuals to be successful in a changing global community.
  6. Quality staff creates successful students.
  7. Individuals should be challenged to be creative thinkers and problem solvers.
  8. Fostering the growth of character and values is essential.
  9. The involvement of caring, responsible adults is key to student success.
  10. A safe and secure environment is critical for learning.
  11. Diversity is an asset.
  12. Every individual deserves respect, courtesy, and honesty.
  13. Every individual has the potential to become a lifelong learner.
  14. Communication among students, staff, and parents is essential.
  15. Accommodating the diverse learning styles of all students creates an engaging learning environment.
  16. Stewardship is important.
  17. Community collaboration is essential.
  18. The home creates and maintains the first positive learning environment.
  19. Both career and college readiness are equally essential elements of a successful education experience.
  20. A culture of belonging, school pride, and the experience of community contribute to student success.


  1. Safety, personal health, and wellness will always be priorities.
  2. We will not tolerate prejudice or discrimination.
  3. We will use data and best practices to make evidence-based decisions.
  4. We will operate in a fiscally responsible manner.
  5. All resources will be managed to provide optimal instructional opportunities.
  6. We will adhere to high expectations and established principles for all.
  7. We will provide and maintain infrastructure necessary to meet instructional goals.
  8. We will respect the dignity of each individual.
  9. Communication with the entire community will be encouraged, solicited, and utilized.
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