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FlaminGO for it!
FlaminGO for it!
Posted on 01/13/2022
FlaminGO for it!

Anderson Elementary School is on a secret mission to spread positivity throughout the district. They delivered a flamingo this week to the front yard at Avoca with an “Oh, the Places You’ll FlaminGO” motivational message attached. The message was followed by a challenge to keep the FlaminGO spirit alive by passing it along to another school. FlaminGO was rumored to be at Haynesfield Elementary today but later discovered at Tennessee Middle School and possibly on its way to a new, undisclosed location.

“At Anderson, we thought January and the beginning of a new semester was a perfect time to let the staff at other schools know how awesome we think they are, how hard we know they are working, and that we are rooting for them!” said an anonymous Anderson Elementary source. “The winter months can be harder for some. When you add the challenges of the pandemic, we all need to be reminded that we are surrounded by a community of support that extends beyond the walls of our schools. We truly are BETTER TOGETHER!”

Oh, the Places You’ll FlaminGO!

We know it’s that time of year, when it’s easy to flaminGO off on a tangent, flaminGO through the motions, or even flaminGO off the rails.

On the contrary, we know you will,
FlaminGO out of your way,
FlaminGO into overdrive, and
FlaminGO for broke
to support your students.

We want you to know we’re thinking about you and your awesomeness.

FlaminGO for it!

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