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TMS Stream Camper Inventions WOW Local Industries
Posted on 07/05/2022
STREAM Campers

What do products like the Roto-Wipe, Clean Flea, and Water Camel have in common? They are all creations of the students participating in Tennessee Middle School’s (TMS) Summer STREAM Camp.

TMS students partnered with IACMI-The Composites Institute and Junior Achievement of Knoxville to explore composite materials. Composite materials are made up of two or more materials to increase the material’s affordability, durability, and sustainability. After a week-long introduction to composite materials, students were tasked with identifying a problem that could be solved by creating a product from composite materials. The TMS students were only the second group in the state to participate in this program.

 Each week, representatives from Junior Achievement worked with students to learn about composite materials and help them create business plan pitches. Students worked in groups of five to present their ideas to a panel of expert judges and audience members on Tuesday, June 28. Judges included the following: Strongwell’s Tekai Shu, Logan Smith, and Melissa Harrison; Sturdy-Lite’s Wes Bay; and Tennessee High School CTE’s Deidre Pendley.

Two of the products had different takes to tackle the important issue of vaping: The 3D Sense Detector and Vaporizer Watching. With Vaporizer Watching, Harper S., Rylee L., Ashlyn L., and Danna P. came up with the slogan, “Put it out before it puts you out.” The product is a 3-in-1 vape, smoke, and metal detector. The target markets are schools, important buildings and businesses, and airports.

“We challenged the students to come up with cutting edge business ideas based around advanced composite manufacturing,” said Callie Archer, president of Junior Achievement in Knoxville. “They worked in groups to solve problems in our community, our world, our country, and in our school in a way that they can build a product to fill that need. That’s how all entrepreneurs are successful. All the ideas students came up with on their own by brainstorming. They worked; they researched; they learned.”

The project list and the inventors were as follows:

  • The Cropsaver: A solar powered dome to put crops in during winter by Stacey B., Wyatt V., and Logan W.
  • Roto-Wipe: Square storage space for farmers to make food storage more durable and cheaper for farmers by Waylon G., Khalid O., Zack M., and Bentley M.
  • The Mountain Snacker: A bottle with a small water filter, metal straw, and snack compartment by Nora M., Leah T., Addy W., and Kersten P.
  • Chrome Case: A laptop case made of absorbent carbon fiber to keep laptops from breaking by Carson B., Kadence A., and Ava C.
  • Zbox Pro: A gaming controller with grips and metal reinforcements to protect product cases from people getting angry and breaking the product by Grayden H. and Vansh P.
  •  PMMK (Portable Military Medkit): A small, portable medical kit to help soldiers who are injured on the battlefield. It has four compartments with medical gauzes, bandages, sterile rags, and even a walkie talkie by Devonte H., Kaiden B., Crystal T., and Emma E.
  • Clean Flea: A pet harness with a polycarbonate insert to spray flea control onto your pet by Cooper G., LeShea W., and Kaylea C.
  • Water Camel: A portable water filtration system for hikers, campers, and adventurers by Joshmely R., Blakely P., Dylan L., and Kenley M.
  • The 3D Sense Detector: A vape detector to help stop children from vaping by Caylee C., Zoey W., Jacob A., Brayden S., Cody W., and Coleman A.
  • Gatehouse: A pet shelter to make pet owning easier by providing food and shelter in one location by Mario R. and Titus J.
  • Vaporizer Watching: A 3-in-1 vape, smoke, and metal detector by Rylee L., Harper S., and A. Large.
  • The Klocks Water Filter: A recycled water filter bottle using cotton balls and packing peanuts by Kendra Z., Victoria B., Piper C., and Wyatt G.
  • Carbon Catcher: Fishing gear to help catch fast, strong, and agile fish in remote areas by Austin D., Zayden A., and Matthew V.
  • The Crop Shield: A large sheet of nanofiber to protect crops from large swarms of locusts by Peyton P., Collin Q., Josh K., and Gustav R.
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